preschool management
What is Diploma in Preschool Management Program?
Preschool also called as pre-primary school. The aim of Preschool is to give children early childhood education before they begin their compulsory education in primary school. It is very difficult to teach and manage the classroom as a teacher of preschool, if you dont have proper classroom management skills alongwith your teaching skills. Diploma in Preschool Management Program will train the candidates with effective classroom management techniques. Techniques which are included in our diploma program will definitely help you in manageing your preschool classroom effectively. This course also aims to guide a beginner on how to start their own preschool centre or nursery school and make it a profitable venture.

Who Can Avail This Course?
Those who are planning to put up their own Preschool/Daycare/Activity center.

Course Duration:-
One Year Diploma Course

Course Contents:
  1. Introduction to the preschool/daycare business.
  2. Steps in putting up a preschool/daycare. (registration & legal requirements)
  3. Ideal location to put up a preschool/daycare.
  4. Determining potential market.
  5. Considerations in building, structure, required lot area, etc.
  6. Needed equipment and school supplies.
  7. Hiring the most suitable teachers / staff and salary rates.
  8. Curriculum development.
  9. Daily operations and strategies to implement.
  10. Dealing with your competitors.
  11. Marketing your establishment.
  12. Capital needed with cost breakdown.
  13. Costing – tuitions and other sources of income.
  14. Potential return on investment.
  15. Mistakes to avoid in putting up a preschool / daycare.
  16. Sample business plan for a preschool.

Future Prospects of This Course:
  1. Preschool Teacher
  2. Preschool Manager
  3. Day Care Manager

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